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Install Custom Glass Rails And Find A Striking Look

Do you need high-quality railings for your stairs and balcony?
Then, the fence-like glass railings can be the classic choice for both commercial and residential buildings. Replace your wooden handrails with modern glass railings in Los Angeles. You have reached the best platform to get the best glass railing service. Available in traditional, Scandinavian, and contemporary styles, glass railings can be a perfect option for your building.  We can provide you with low-profile glass-railings for the interior stairs and other outdoor sites of your house. You may combine glass with a stainless steel and wooden balustrade. Our professionals will help you to make a blend of tradition and modernity. We know that modern houses have lovely stair designs. Some have wooden stairs with intricate carvings, while others have floating stairs. A house with limited space has small spiral stairs. However, we have glass handrails for all types of stairs.

Remove Your Aafety Concerns With Our Premium Quality Glass Railings

Are glass railings safe? We know that this is the first question of our clients. Some of us think that glass railings could not bear weight and break easily. However, the choice of the right type of glass can make a difference in the safety standard.

When you drop any glass object on a hard floor surface, you find it getting shattered instantly. However, we use a different type of glass for your handrails. Our professionals always choose modified glass with high strength and a shatter-resistant design.

We also use laminated glass that comprises two glass pieces joined together. There is an interlayer between those pieces, which make the glass model stronger. When some hard object has accidentally broken the glass, you will find breakage only on one side. Another option for you is the heat-treated, highly durable tempered glass.

Thus, invest in our glass railings Los Angeles and get the optimal value from them.

We have more reasons why our glass handrails are safer than traditional railings.

  • No openings

    In the past few years, we have found refinements in glass railing designs. As glass railings have no openings and slats, your pets’ heads, legs, and arms cannot get stuck. They cannot fall through any opening.

  • Not easy to climb on

    You know that kids have a habit of climbing on railings. However, glass railings have no place where they can stick their feet and climb on them.
  • No risk of decay 

    Although wooden railings have a natural beauty, they can deteriorate with time. Wood can start decaying after a number of years. On the contrary, our glass railings with stainless steel fasteners do not lose structural integrity.

Safe with professional installation

Glass railings may not be 100% safe until you have hired certified installers to install these handrails. We know the right installation technique to ensure a safer and stronger connection. Thus, engage our professionals for glass railin  installation services in Los Angeles.


Glass railings add a unique look to your house

Add a touch of elegance to your house by installing our glass railings. Light can pass through the glass railings, and you can create an illusion of more space. To get a clean and contemporary look, you may install our glass handrails. We will help you to choose the right model that matches your house design and increase aesthetics. Although you may have wooden staircases, you can rely on glass rails for your house.

Add value to your property with glass railings

Do you like to renovate your house to resell it? Potential buyers always focus on the beauty of the house before making a deal. Some property owners paint their house, while others think of revamping the overall design for resale. However, the smartest option for you is to install glass rails for interior stairs. You can easily attract the attention of your potential customers.

Minimal maintenance- Save your effort

Have you installed hardwood railings in your house? Then, you may have invested in painting service every year. Keep away from maintenance needs by installing our glass rails. There is no need to paint and apply a finishing treatment. You may clean our railings simply with water and soap. Moreover, glass railings are best for outdoor applications (like decks), because wind, sunlight, and water do not damage them.

Easy to customize

Our professionals provide you with custom glass railings based on your needs. When you need privacy, we install railings with frosted glass. However, some of our clients prefer transparent see-through glass that never obstructs the scenic views. Besides, with proper measurements, we install glass handrails flawlessly.

We also have a collection of framed and frameless glass railings. The framed models have clear glass panels with a sturdy frame. Also, we give you the option of choosing the frame materials for your rail. We think that maintenance-free aluminum is the perfect choice for your glass handrail. Our framed glass rails have a high aesthetic value, as they preserve views without compromising security. In most cases, we install these rails around the pools. However, you may also choose them for the raised platforms and stairs.

Frameless glass rails have become a highly popular choice, as they provide you with a stunning view. Moreover, as there is no frame, you can find them more stylish. These rails have glass panels and no bordering frames. You can enjoy unobstructed views with these models. We think that they are the right option for your rooftop terraces, balconies, and decks.

Are glass railings costly?

Most of our clients like to know about the glass railing cost. We ensure that we do not charge high for glass rail installation services. However, the price can vary due to the choice of railing style, balustrade style, glass thickness, and some other factors. You will get quality glass handrails at a very reasonable price.

Hire our professionals and find the best service from us. We team up with builders and architects to decide on the right glass handrails for your needs. Buy the most reliable glass railings from us.

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